Muslim Girl Names With Meanings - Alphabet 'L'

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Name Meaning
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous.
Laiba Angel of heaven.
Laila Of the Night.
Lama Darkness of lips
Lamah Brilliancy
Lamees Pure silk.
Lamiah Shine
Lamis, Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamisah Soft to the touch.
Lamya Of dark lips.
Lamya, Lamya Of dark lips
Lana To be gentle, soft, tender
Lanika The Best.
Laraib Without a doubt.
Lashirah Very intelligent.
Latifa Gentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly.
Latifah Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly.
Latifah, Lateefa Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
Layali Nights
Layan Gentle and soft
Layla Born at night, dark beauty.
Layyah Twist, Flexure.
Lazim Essential, imperative
Leena Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency.
Leila Night.
Leilah Night
Liba Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah).
Lina Palm tree.
Linah, Lina, Leena Tender
Liyana Softness, tenderness.
Lu Luah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Lu'lu Pearls.
Lubab The best part
Lubabah The innermost essence.
Lubabah, Lubaaba The innermost essence
Luban Pine tree; denotes long neck
Lubanah Wish, desire
Lubena Purity.
Lublubah Affectionate, tender
Lubna Kind of tree
Luja Of great depth
Lujain, Lujayn Silver
Lujaina Silver
Lulu Pearls
Luluah, Lulwa Pearl
Lunah Date palm
Lutfiyah Delicate, graceful

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