Muslim Girl Names With Meanings - Alphabet 'AN'

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Name Meaning
Ana Prestige, self respect.
Anah Patience, perseverence.
Anam Present.
Anan Clouds.
Anan, Anaan Clouds
Anaum The blessing of Allah.
Anbar Perfume, ambergris
Anbarin Of ambergris
Andalib Nightingale.
Aneeqa Beautiful.
Aneesa Close, intimate, friendly.
Aneezah She-Goat.
Angbin Honey.
Anida Obstinate.
Anika Very unique.
Anisa Friendly.
Anisah Close, intimate, friendly.
Anisah, Aneesa Close, intimate, good friend
Aniya Concern, Loving
Anjum Stars
Anmar Leopard
Annam God's Blessing.
Anum Blessing of god, gods gift.
Anwar, Anwaar Rays of light, blossoms
Anwara Ray of Light.

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