Muslim Girl Names With Meanings - Alphabet '100'

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Name Meaning
Aleemah Knowing, Knowledgeable.
Aleena Silk of heaven.
Alhena A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini)
Alia Beautiful.
Alika Love
Alima Wise
Alimah Skilled in music or dance
Alishba Pretty.
Aliyah, Aliyyah, Alia, Alia Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing
Almas Diamond
Alraaz Mystery.
Altaf Kindness, politeness
Aludra Virgin
Alya Loftiness
Alzubra (A star in the constellation Leo)
Amah Slave (Female); Daughter of Khalid bin Saeed, a female companion, daughter of companion, had this name. She was born in Habshah, and was married to Az-Zubayr bin Al-Awwam.
Amal Hope, aspiration.
Amal, Amal, Aamal, Amala Hope, aspiration
Amala Hopes, Aspirations
Aman Security, peace, safety
Amana Faithful, to believe.
Amani Wishes, aspirations
Amany A Wish.
Amara Eternal beauty, urgent news.
Amatullah Female servant of Allah
Amaya Spanish Night Rain.
Ambar Ambergris.
Amber Jewel
Ambereen Fragarance, amber, sky.
Ambreen Sky.
Ameenah Trustworthy.
Ameera Noble lady, princess.
Amelia Trustworthy, beautiful.
Amilah Hopeful.
Amina Honest.
Aminah Trustworthy, faithful.
Aminah, Amineh, Ameena Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet
Amira Princess.
Amirah Royal lady, Princess.
Amirah, Ameera Princess, leader
Amjad Magnificence, splendor
Ammarah An inhabitant.
Amna Peace.
Amra Princess.
Amrah Headgear.
Amreen Sky.
Amsah Friendly; of good company
Amtullah Female servant of Allah
Ana Prestige, self respect.
Anah Patience, perseverence.
Anam Present.
Anan Clouds.
Anan, Anaan Clouds
Anaum The blessing of Allah.
Anbar Perfume, ambergris
Anbarin Of ambergris
Andalib Nightingale.
Aneeqa Beautiful.
Aneesa Close, intimate, friendly.
Aneezah She-Goat.
Angbin Honey.
Anida Obstinate.
Anika Very unique.
Anisa Friendly.
Anisah Close, intimate, friendly.
Anisah, Aneesa Close, intimate, good friend
Aniya Concern, Loving
Anjum Stars
Anmar Leopard
Annam God's Blessing.
Anum Blessing of god, gods gift.
Anwar, Anwaar Rays of light, blossoms
Anwara Ray of Light.
Aqeelah Wise, Sensible.
Aqilah Wife, spouse; the best, the pick
Aqsa Name of a mosque.
Ara Opinions
Aram Signs, flags
Areebah Witty, smart
Areej The fragrance of a flower from an orange tree.
Aresha Under an umbrella.
Arfa Greatness
Aribah Wise.
Arij Sweet Smell.
Arisha Highness.
Arissa Bright.
Arjumand Noble, Honourable.
Aroob Loving to her husband
Aroosa Bride.
Aroush Angel of paradise.
Arub Loving (to husband).
Arub, Aroob Loving to her husband
Arwa Mountain gazelle.
Arya Noble.
Aryisha Under tree/umberalla.
Arzo Hope.
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
Asalah Nobility of descent
Asbah Pure (as water).
Ashalina Sweet, always living, shy, loving.

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