Muslim Boy Names With Meanings - Alphabet 'W'

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Name Meaning
Waa'il One Who Returns For Shelter.
Waddah Bright, brilliant
Wadi Calm, peaceful
Wadid Favorable, devoted, fond
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity.
Wafi Faithful, loyal.
Wafiq Successful.
Wafiq, Wafeeq Successful
Wahab Giving
Wahb Giving.
Wahban (related to Wahb).
Waheed Unique, One of its kind.
Wahhab To give, to donate
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent.
Wahib Liberal donor.
Wahid Singular, exclusive, unequalled
Wail Coming back (for Shelter); one of the companions of the Prophet
Waiz Preacher, Sermoniser.
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity.
Wajdi Of strong emotion, passion and love
Wajeeh Commanding Personality.
Wajid Smooth land
Wajih Noble, notable, distinguished
Wakalat Advocacy, Agency.
Wakeel Agent, Representative.
Wakil Lawyer
Waleed Newborn Child.
Wali Guardian.
Walid Newborn child.
Walid, Waleed Newborn child
Walif Befriending
Waliy al Din Supporter of the faith
Waliy Allah Supporter of God
Waqaar Self-respect.
Waqar Dignity, sobriety
Waqas Warrior.
Waqqas Old Arabic name
Ward Blossoms, flowers
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
Waseem Handsome.
Wasif Describer
Wasil Considerate, inseperable friend
Wasim Good looking.
Wasim, Waseem Graceful, good looking
Watheq Firm, reliable, confident.
Wazir Minister
Wifaq Harmony, consent
Wildan Boy in heaven.
Wisam Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms.

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